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These masterclasses form an important and unique resource for students and teachers that will last for many years. They have been purchased by music schools and conservatoire libraries all over the world.

As a teaching resource these DVDs are both inspiring and effective. Since there is nothing else available of a comparable nature, it is my opinion and that of my teaching colleagues, that these DVDs will be of considerable value both to students and teachers for many years to come. I believe that all music colleges and conservatoires would be enriched by the acquisition of the Foundation's DVDs for their libraries. ”
Sir Curtis Price
Former Principal, The Royal Academy of Music, London


Having watched personally almost all of the DVDs in the collection of the Masterclass Foundation, I must conclude that it is a useful teaching tool, but, and much more importantly, a source of inspiration for students and teachers alike. The quality of the classes is astounding, and the wide scope of the series covers a lot of important repertoire and different instruments. We are happy and proud to be able to have this collection in our library, and we recommend it wholeheartedly to any musical institution.”
Dimitri van Halderen
Chamber Music Teacher and Dean of Studies,
Conservatorio Superior de Música de Salamanca.


A sampler DVD containing extracts from seven masterclasses is available to libraries free of charge.

Please email: to order this DVD or to get further information. Alternatively clicking on items on the Releases page will bring up more details and video extracts of masterclasses.


While DVDs of masterclasses are available to individuals for their own private use at a subsidised cost, the MMF's price to libraries is higher than that charged to private users. This reflects the fact that each DVD will be viewed by many students over a long period.

Purchase through LIBRARY SALES entitles a library to:

  • Loan DVDs to students, staff and subscribers
  • Project DVDs in classrooms
  • Stream the masterclasses on a secure college intranet for the benefit of students

Price list and order form